Guided Wisdom Doula & Wellness

helping  women remember who they are in every transition

Guided Wisdom Doula & Wellness, founded by Jacqueline Greely, was created to provide resources, support, and coaching for navigating transitional periods of life, particularly during and after a pregnancy has ended - with a focus on postpartum care, bereavement support, and sexuality coaching.

Our services

pregnant black woman sitting on bed with upper half proppe on a pillow with one hand on extended belly and the other hand over laptop that is balancing on lap


We provide in-person, virtual, and on-demand educational resources.  Our services are also available for group settings.  

Support Services

We provide private and group sessions in a guided coaching environment.  We are not licensed counselors or therapist, but will refer as necessary.

Women's Wellness & Sexuality

We provide womb health and wellness services, as well as sexuality empowerment services.  This looks like vaginal steaming, herbal remedies, intimacy conversations, and more!